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Selling in DACH
Fact: Every global market you can play in is different. Fact: Germany is the largest economy in Europe. Fact: There is money to be made here. But then we come to our first fiction. There are thousands of articles online about the various specifics of the German economy. Only a few of them actually speak...
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Looking for a sales partner in Germany
The World Economic Forum released its 2018 Global Competitiveness Report recently, which can be read as a listing of the most innovative countries in the world (to some extent), or at the very least the best countries to launch an entrepreneurial offering. The United States came in first; that’s not a surprise, even though their...
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SalesHacker recently did an “Ultimate Sales Engagement Survey,” and the results are now live at that link. Some is predictable: LinkedIn is only effective if you have a tailored message, for example. C-Suiters often don’t have office phones (that might be less predictable) but even if they do, they don’t necessarily want to be hit...
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