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Lead Gen
B2B lead generation
Very obvious statement to open: to grow a business, you need a pipeline. To have a pipeline, you need leads. Hopefully none of that was new information for anyone reading this. That’s the core/crux of sales. But despite the importance of leads, a lot of companies do struggle with lead generation. Huh? If it’s something...
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Companies often spend a mint on lead generation, and that makes sense. The old adage is about “if you’re not growing, you’re dying.” Well, you can’t grow without leads, right? So lead generation is obviously going to be pretty important. None of this is rocket science just yet. A few years ago, we worked with...
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Consider this, from some recent research on content marketing: Consider: blog output by brands has increased over 800% in the past five years but organic social share of blogs has decreased by 89% and about 5% of content gets 90% of engagement. An estimated 70% of the content generated by Marketing is never used by Sales...
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