April 18, 2017 Ted Bauer

Outsourcing partner: What questions do you need to ask?

If you see the benefits of outsourcing and would consider doing it in the early stages of a business expansion, here’s the next hurdle: what questions do you need to ask your potential sales outsourcing partner?

I’d start with these:

  • What’s your background?
  • How long has your team been in this market?
  • What services can you provide?
  • Do you have examples of other companies you’ve helped?
  • Do you have your own process/method or will you work within ours?
  • What experience do you have assessing product-market fit?
  • What are your ideas around lead generation?
  • What’s the term of the contract?
  • What’s the cost?
  • Why you and not someone else?
  • What do you see as the main benefit you can provide?

Of these questions, most people think “What’s the cost?” is the most important one. That is important, but I think the first bullet and the last bullet are more important. You want to make sure the background is vetted — remember, a lot of people are full of crap — and you want to make sure they understand their potential value to you within the context of your business model or go-to-market strategy. If they just generically discuss their value, all they’re doing is chasing you as a client. You want someone who understands what they can do specifically for you.

What other questions might you ask of an outsourcing partner?


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