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Lead Generation Services

Leads that fuel Your Sales Funnel

Outbound LeadGen

Before we run any lead generation campaign our SDRs research and prequalify companies according to your ideal customer profile and reach out with highly personalized messages directly to buyer personas to increase their awareness and interest in your offerings. This is the most effective and fastest way to get in touch with real prospects and to learn from their feedback (market discovery).

outbound lead generation
B2B lead generation

Inbound LeadGen

We identify the right keywords for your business, do some basic SEO website optimizations, create content pillars, and run traffic campaigns via social channels (LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter) but also paid traffic campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn to drive traffic to compelling lead magnets for maximising your lead conversions.

Industry Experts / Agents

Industry experts are good for information and introduction.  Don’t expect that they sell for you. We can identify the experts in the required industry and we know how to use them in the most effective way.

Email Automation

We use email automation to segment the top-of-funnel (TOFU) lead list according to people’s behaviour and needs and to send information as well as balanced commercial messages to a larger group of people, using email.

Sourcing & Prequalification

For outbound lead generation our SDRs perform the research of companies and buyer personas according to your ICP.

Understanding the Audience

In early stages we reach out just to talk with companies in your ICP, ask questions, and carefully listen to their feedback for market discovery purposes. Their feedback and behaviour gives us input to define your high converting lead magnets and trip wires. We take the guesswork out of leadgen campaigns.

Targeted Audience

To leverage existing leads we perform remarketing campaigns to website visitors as well as to custom audiences (e.g. IP addresses of selected companies).

LeadGen Technologies

We use world-class tools for keyword planning, marketing automation, landing pages creation, website SEO, and social media analysis. We also use a commercial company database for active sourcing and prequalification.

Aligning Lead Magnets with Content

Visitors and leads need different information in each stage of their buyer journey. We provide them with adequate content and combine that messages with related lead magnets to increase conversion.

Total Transparency

Our clients get bi-weekly status calls including written reports with analog and digital campaign performances, all contact details and related leadgen metrics.

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