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Go-To-Market Services

Avoid the premature scaling death trap
go-to-market services

About This Service

Companies typically don’t approach us because they WANT our Go-To-Market services, they’ve realised that they NEED a Go-To-Market strategy before they can successfully scale their sales.

Value Proposition

Your value proposition is a promise! A clear statement that explains how your product solves customers’ problems or improves their actual situation (relevancy), delivers specific benefits (quantified value), tells the ideal customer why they should buy from you and not from the competition (unique differentiation). We adapt your value prop to the specifics of the German speaking market.

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Ideal Customer Profile

The Ideal Customer Profile defines the companies that are most likely to buy from you at a viable economic threshold (e.g. CAC, LTV). Nailing the right niche (industry, domain, particular use case) is crucial for successful market expansion. We help you to identify this niche in the German speaking market.

Regional Understanding

Differences in business culture and the importance of German language in early sales stages are obvious. Less obvious are regional characteristics like dominant local competitors, brand issues (no one knows who you are), delivery issues (extra costs for traveling/accommodation and longer response times might make your service less attractive). We are part of the German business culture — we understand the German market specifics and can help you to illuminate and avoid those pitfalls.

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Message/Persona Fit

A buyer persona is a characterization (e.g. role in the company) of a person working at your ideal customer. A buyer persona has a personal benefit of buying/using your product or service. Each buyer persona has individual pains, needs, goals and priorities that need to be addressed with a matching message. E.g. you’ll emphasise other benefits to CFO than to CTO.

ICP Segmentation

Selling to SMB (small and medium business) is a completely different animal than selling to mid-market or enterprises. Have you done a quick market survey yet? Are there enough enterprises in that particular market? We at BizXpand are optimized to sell to mid-market and enterprise customers. We help you to nail that niche.

CAC & The Sales Model

Actually, your CAC (customer acquisition cost) determines the Go-To-Market strategy you have to choose. Selling a $19/mo SaaS to a Pro-user? It’s foolish to travel around for an in-person demonstration!

Online sales and especially freemium/premium for SMB and Inside Sales and Field Sales for mid-market and enterprise clients. Again, we are optimized to sell to mid-market and enterprise customers.

There's much more!

Read our Go-To-Market essentials.

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