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B2B Sales Services

Converting Leads to Real Customers
lead nurturing

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process of developing relationships with buyers through every step of the buyer’s journey. Our Sales Development Reps (SDR) focus on direct and personalized communication to understand the needs of prospects, and providing the information and answers they need to progress in their buyer journey.

Inside Sales

Inside sales is an efficient sales model for most sales reps in B2B SaaS. Everything is handled remotely and it involves high-touch transactions over phone and email. Thanks to advances in communications technology, our highly skilled and knowledgable inside sales reps can give presentations and conduct sales demos.

inside sales

Field (Outside) Sales

Outside sales is a classic type of selling strategy where highly skilled consultative sales reps meet prospects face-to-face to present/discuss and to identify sales opportunities with multiple decision makers. Field sales is needed for selling to mid-market and enterprise sector.

Qualification / Discovery Call

Questions are fundamental to the selling process to identify the pains and needs of a prospect but also to find out where the prospect is in his buyer journey.

Presentation / Sales Demo

We perform sales demos that demonstrate the customer values and benefits and not the product features. For product presentations we always include our client’s technical pre-sales team.

Sales Technologies

Instant access to web conferencing, automated appointment setting, email-open tracking and document-reading tracking beside our flexible CRM system hold our sellers tight in the driver seat. 

Video Message

Very short personal video messages in emails are an effective way of bringing back the human touch to the sales process.

Negotiation & Deal Closing

Proposals get presented, prospect’s objections eliminated and contract terms negotiated in agreement with the client. Finally all agreements are always directly between our clients and their customers.

Total Transparency

Our clients get bi-weekly status calls including written reports with pipeline stages, contact details and sales metrics.

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