We design, build and run it for you.


your website becomes a lead machine.


€1.200 / mo


monthly, after 6 months


Over the past years we have developed a Go-To-Market strategy to enable businesses like yours to successfully enter and work the German speaking markets.

The continuous service contains the detailed design, but also the building and testing your multi-channel account-centric inbound lead generation machine with the goal to generate qualified sales leads that ultimately produce repeatable business and predictable revenues in the German markets.

We build and operate for you:

  • A complete system for auto-generation of inbound leads from the right set of companies (ABM).
  • Traffic generation to dedicated landing pages for lead generation and email automation.
  • Embedded lead magnets and entry point offers for a seamless buyer journey.
  • Continuously optimize and scale to constantly improve your sales ROI. 


The service includes a one-day Product-Market-Fit workshop at your location to identify and develop the key ingredients to build a successful and scalable sales process. The workshop ends with the following findings:

  • What makes my offer valuable, relevant and credible to the German market.
  • What is my ideal customer profile (ICP) and the buyer personas.
  • What is my value transformation story (from known needs to desired end results).
  • What are the sales triggering events for the buyers and for the sellers.
  • What are my lead magnets and entry point offers for a seamless buyer journey.
  • How can I profitably sell my offer in DACH? What are the right sales channels?

With the findings from the workshop we build the following deliverables (finished 60 days after workshop):

  • Creation and development of your lead magnet and entry point offer.
  • Implementation and configuration of required lead generation tools.
  • Landing pages for your lead magnet (LM), your entry point offer (EPO) and for automated appointment setting.
  • Website chat-box for appointment setting.
  • Email automation series lead magnet, entry point offer and newsletter welcome.
  • Compelling sales email cadence in German that articulates the transformation story.
  • Realtime dashboard for reporting and analytics purposes.
  • Instant notifications for relevant inbound activities.

Continuous and ongoing service after initial implementation:

  • Adjusting your lead magnets and entry point offers.
  • Development of new lead magnets and entry point offers.
  • Run newsletter campaigns to subscribers.
  • Run A/B tested LinkedIn TOFU awareness campaigns (sponsored blog posts to custom audience).
  • Run A/B tested LinkedIn BOFU retargeting campaigns (to existing website visitors).
  • Organic social media campaigns (broadcasting and re-scheduling blog posts).
  • Run outbound email prospecting campaign.
  • Discovery calls & demos (DISCO/DEMO) with decision makers.
  • Lead nurturing and early stage objection handling.
  • Warm introduction of leads to your sales executives.
  • Analyze and optimize messages to constantly improve your sales ROI.
  • Service fee includes all required 3rd party tools (150€/mo)


  • Changing any content of your existing web pages.
  • Creation of blog articles.
  • Costs for PPC traffic campaigns (budget agreed upfront)

Nevertheless, we can create regular epic blog posts for you, and also build a customer-centric website for you. Ask us for an offer!


We founded BizXpand in 2010 and studied how the world’s fastest growing tech companies scale their business. Constantly we take their best practices in omni-channel lead generation and sales, combine them wisely, and adapt them to the specifics of the German speaking market.

We believe that our sales vehicle is now among the most sophisticated enterprise sales machines found anywhere in West-Central Europe.


Since 2010 we've helped more than 35 companies to enter and work the DACH market.

This is what Matthias Uhl, CEO of Die Werkbank GmbH has to say about us:

"Martin is the perfect combination of highest professionalism and strongest personality. His ability to sum up complex coherences and express them in simple words is just amazing. Our cooperation was always characterized by constructive and target driven approaches and ideas. Having him active for our products and solutions gives us always a good feeling. We can recommend Martin and his team to anyone who wants to develop and scale his business in a professional way."


outsourced sales team

We bring matching B2B customers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland to international software and services companies.