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What makes you so special?

What is Outbound Lead Generation?

We systematically identify and actively reach out to YOUR target market of potential customers that match YOUR Ideal Customer Profile.  We target all companies that match your profile and none that don’t with a very systematic lead generation machine and then follow through with high level face to face selling.  Unlike Sales Agents and most Sales Qualified Leads associated with internal salespeople, we don’t bring poorly matched prospects nor do we run out of leads in the first 90 days.  This is sniper hunting at scale with a full machine behind it.

Why Salespeople Shouldn’t Prospect

Even the best sales executives struggle to switch gears between top-of-the-funnel lead nurturing and bottom of the funnel selling and closing.  Our solution is to use separate teams for Sales Development (SDR) and Sales Execution (SE) and recognize that they requires completely different skills. We had to build the tools and management processes to handle the additional complexity, but we (as well as many of the most progressive sales organizations) find the results well worth the trouble. What you get is far better predicability, elimination of the need to review funnel balance, and better results.  For us, we earn more commissions and keep deal closers in front of potential customers more.

Here’s a good explanation from Aaron Ross, Predictable Revenue “Why Salespeople Shouldn’t Prospect”

What is Predictable Revenue?

When a single salesman is in charge for his own lead generation and deal closing it is very hard to keep the sales funnel always healthy and growing. Usually a salesman cannot put his focus on both topics at the same time with same energy.

Sales role specialisation is one of the major enablers for Predictable Revenue. Independently to the current effort of the SE (Sales Executive) the SDR (Sales Development Rep) is continuously generating new leads. Our clients get a constant funnel movement and based on our sales metrics we can generate a predictable revenue stream.

Read our own success story about Splitting SDR and SE: Splitting Sales Roles Let US Scale Our Sales Force.

What is so special about BizXpand’s “secret sauce”?

We were founded by engineers who successfully made the jump away from talking technology or feature selling and worked at the highest levels of complex, consultative selling.  Later, we combined this ability to sell and close with the the world’s best-in-class methods for prospecting and lead generation — all adapted for the specifics of the German speaking market.

We believe that our sales vehicle is now among the most sophisticated enterprise sales machines found anywhere in West-Central Europe.

The “secret sauce”: technical backgrounds that don’t get in the way, exceptional executive level intuitive selling & closing, and process oriented, evolving lead generation.

Who uses your services?

If you want to hire a Sales Manager in Germany, why BizXpand is the better option

Ok, what profile are you looking for? An Inside Sales Manager, a Sales Development Rep, an Account Executive, a Country Manager? And here is the problem: You need all different kind of skills in one person or even worse, you don’t really know what will work.  Even the great salespeople have their strengths and weaknesses– with high complexity B2B selling, it often takes 6 months or more, just to discover them.  Combine this with a market that is not a known quantity for you, and you have a recipe for distraction and poor performance.

However, the German speaking markets are some of the best areas in the world for doing higher complexity and higher value B2B. With BizXpand you get a well balanced, well-rehearsed, self managed and scalable sales team that combine lead generation and face to face sales execution equipped with best-in-class practices and tools.

The result is that you see real sales results, real data on the process, and real market feedback in a fraction of the time, management distraction, and cost.

When is BizXpand a good fit?

Our sales machine is ideal for:

  • Software vendors (SaaS or On-premise) that
  • want to sign up new customers from Central Europe and
  • have an in-region target market of 300 to 3.000 companies with
  • average LTV between €25k and €500k (customer lifetime value).

You should talk to us when:

  • you are looking to build a sales office in the D/A/CH market
  • you want to explore the German market with the budget for a single salesman
  • you got a new product in your portfolio
  • you are not satisfied with your current sales results
  • you have to get this right the first time around.

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Which countries can BizXpand cover?

Our main focus is Germany, Austria and Switzerland but we also do projects in other countries in Central Europe.

How do you get paid?

Is BizXpand a Consultant, Agent, Broker or Reseller?

Resellers are great value especially if they are Value Added Resellers (VAR) or System Integrators (SI). Unfortunately, such companies are rarely able to promote more than one new offering each year despite the fact that they might talk to 50 potential partners and even sign contracts with 8 of them. This is why many companies with indirect sales models still need dedicated regional sales offices.

Brokers, Agents:
Brokers and Agents are great for introductions, but the relationship is usually so temporary that neither can invest into the market and give demanding clients confidence of long term value.

Consultants are usually able to help change the sales process, but don’t normally stand behind the execution and commit to results like a real sales office must do.

We are:
A scalable system of a fully professional, dedicated sales office tailored to meet the needs of high tech and software companies. A business transaction is always directly between our clients and their customers.

How much do BizXpand services cost?

We charge a monthly retainer plus commission on revenue we generate for you with budgets and structure similar to a single internal salesperson.

Instead, however, you get a well-rehearsed and totally scalable team of market experts, lead generators and sales executives including the best-in-class outbound sales practices and tools that start producing in half the time of normal direct hires.

No upfront investment, lowest operational costs and fastest time-to-revenue.

Check out our prices.

Would commission-only work?

In short: no.

Commission-only fits perfect for very short sales-cycles, established brands in established markets, transactional sales and therefore for less experienced sales staff.

We work for clients where new customer acquisition is required, sales cycles are pretty long, the brand and markets need to be developed and products are complex and require consultative sales with experienced sales staff.


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