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Outsource Sales

Articles about sales outsourcing. We’ll discuss best practices, common pitfalls and check lists to prepare for outsourcing your  sales for Germany.

Outsourcing lead gen
By now, most people realize the inherent value of outsourcing aspects of your business: You can give it to people with real expertise in that area. It’s often cheaper and more flexible than hiring for those roles. (If you hire someone and it doesn’t work out, that can be more than a year of no...
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Here’s a question you should probably be asking every day, and potentially haven’t sat down and thought about in years: What makes a good salesperson? What should you be looking for?  There are lists about this all over the Internet, and if you threw a rock onto LinkedIn or other professional social platforms, you’d find...
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ideal customer profile
What actually is your differentiator? A lot of people running businesses or silos seem to think the answer to that question is one of two possibilities: Our product Our tech & quality of service Can’t tell you how many information-seeking calls in different industries (partnership, sales as the goal) include some guy rambling on about...
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sales outsourcing costs
In our business, obviously one of the objections we hear the most is “sales outsourcing is too expensive.” Theory then goes: “I’ll keep all my sales functionality in-house, because then I’ll build a collaborative team and won’t have to pay some excess sales outsourcing fees.” Now look, obviously we sell sales outsourcing packages, so we’re...
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outsource sales
In this article, I will summarize what I learned how to outsource sales functions successfully and what parts can be outsourced. Originally I wrote this blog for Saleshacker community in March 2018.
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B2B sales agent Germany
Mostly if you Google around the term “B2B sales agent Germany,” you get a bunch of semi-BS job listings looking for someone who can speak German and English and has about 17 years of selling experience or whatever. (Sadly the base is probably about $60,000 U.S.) This isn’t a job listing, so that’s good news....
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Outsourcing projects
Let’s ask a real question up front: do you think that the idea of outsourcing projects (i.e. outsourcing anything) is a bad word? That it has a negative connotation? Many people probably do — as economies grow, it’s usually a word associated with replacing middle-class-type labor with cheaper, overseas labor as a cost advantage within...
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Intelligent questions
  We try to call sales a lot of different things, but really it’s about the power of asking intelligent and progressing questions. And right there is both a problem and an opportunity.
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Strategic Outsourcing
You want to understand how to do legitimately strategic sales outsourcing? It begins, oddly, with the number 68.
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Outsourcing Partner
If you see the benefits of outsourcing and would consider doing it in the early stages of a business expansion, here’s the next hurdle: what questions do you need to ask your potential sales outsourcing partner?
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