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German Market

Our articles about the German market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) cover business specifics about this market like economical facts & figures, language, loyalty, decision making processes, etc.

Language isn’t necessarily a big deal for Americans. They grow up speaking English and maybe one or two other languages kinda sorta well through either schooling or a family connection. It’s a much different situation than, say, central Europe — where kids might grow up learning four or more languages. Because language isn’t necessarily a...
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Looking for a sales partner in Germany
If you landed on this page, there’s a decent chance you’re looking for a sales partner in Germany. (Hopefully it wasn’t a porn search that went astray, at the very least.) Well, good for you on the German sales partner search. Germany’s a big market, with potential growth of 2.4-2.7% in 2018 — and the...
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business development Germany
Based on 2017 GDP data, Germany is still the world’s fourth-largest economy, as well as the largest in the EU. Switzerland’s at No. 20 globally, and Austria is at No. 30 (and growing). There’s a lot of money in the DACH region. That part you probably already knew. The next part you might not: how...
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IT sales agent Germany
You know the old song: times are a-changin. One of the biggest shifts in work in the past 20 years has been the need for some plan around adoption of technology. Time was that IT were the weird dudes in the corner you only talked to about resetting passwords and whatnot. Now IT drives a...
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sales lead Germany
Let’s say you’re a U.S. company or coming from elsewhere and you want sales leads in the Germany, Austria, or Switzerland markets. What do you actually need to understand to get said leads and convert them to business? This is a quick guide.
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Lead generation Germany
Here’s the stark reality of lead generation in Germany: a lot of companies trying to get in the German-speaking market approach lead generation in the same manner they might in the US, or a UK-based EMEA office. That’s going to flop. It will not work. What might, though?
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Global Business Hub is Vienna
If you’re considering doing business in central Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, among others) in 2018, what could that fiscal climate look like? Let’s take a quick look.
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Brexit German Markets
Article 50 — the measure by which nations can leave the European Union — was officially triggered recently, meaning the process of UK removal — i.e. Brexit — is underway. While it will probably take 24 months or longer to completely sort out, it seems like a rational time to wonder about business implications for...
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german market expansion
Entering new markets (customer segments or geographical) is not easy and requires preparation. Here’s our thoughts about the German market specifics.
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European Headquarters Brexit
Brexit was a major global economic shift not just for Europe. At the time, we couldn’t believe it was happening — and then we all had a good laugh about people Googling “what is EU?” that night — but when the dust settled, it was very real. We don’t know exactly how Brexit will play...
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