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We are not a typical sales agency...

Gaining few random customers for our clients is not a scalable business model. It doesn’t help our clients in their strategy.

Since 2010, we are on a mission to make B2B sales much more predictable, repeatable and scalable – 75% there…

Complex B2B Selling95%

Matt and I constantly study how the world’s fastest growing tech companies initially scaled their business. We take their best sales practices, combine them wisely, and adapt them to the specifics of the German speaking market.

Martin Weiss

Co-founder & Sales Principal

In 2010 we saw a market need for scalable, high skill B2B sales that produces predictable revenue in the German speaking market.

We believe that our sales vehicle is now among the most sophisticated enterprise sales machines found anywhere in West-Central Europe.

Matt Mayfield

Co-founder & Market Expansion Principal

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