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Your Outsourced Sales Team

BizXpand gets you new customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Our Clients Get More Customers Faster

We bring B2B customers from D-A-CH to international software and services companies – as a service.

Our clients get a go-to-market plan and a well-oiled sales machine that produces qualified sales meetings and closed deals. Repeatable and predictable.

Go To Market

We adjust your value proposition to the market specifics. Ideal customer profile, buyer personas and sales messages get developed to find a repeatable and scalable sales model.

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Lead Generation

Sales development reps identify, connect with, and qualify leads. Our super effective prospecting methods re-charges your sales funnel seamlessly and efficiently.

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B2B Sales

Seasoned outside sales reps build rapport on your prospect’s C-Suite and VP level. They establish the personal relationships needed to close complex sales transactions.

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Interested in our services?

We have bundled our services into several packages
to enable you to grow your business in D/A/CH.

Your Benefits

We studied how the world’s fastest growing tech companies scale their business. We took their best practices in marketing and sales, combined them, and adapted them to the specifics of the German speaking market. That’s what our clients get:

Quick Start

In just a couple of weeks we are up and running.

LeadGen Cocktail

We know how to mix a cocktail of outbound and inbound lead generation spiced with compelling content.

Local Efficiency

Language and proximity facilitates faster customer acquisition.

Understanding Market Specifics

We are part of the German business culture and can credibly represent your value proposition

Recent Articles

We constantly share our experience on go-to-market strategies, digital and analog lead generation, complex b2b sales and the german market specifics. 

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