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BizXpand hilft Firmen beim Markteintritt und beim Vertrieb in Zentral-Europe. Unsere Kunden sind internationale Unternehmen mit innovativen Softwarelösungen. Für die weitere Expansion suchen wir in Wien:


B2B Direktvertrieb Software (m/w)

Die Inside Sales Funktion ist eine neue Position im Unternehmen und umfasst vorrangig die Neukundengewinnung per Telefon. Unter Inside Sales verstehen wir auch die Nutzung neuer Online-Technologien (Web-Konferenz, E-Mail, Social Media, usw.). Der Dienstort ist Wien, unser Verkaufsgebiet ist Europa mit Schwerpunkt D/A/CH. Read more

B2B lead generation and what you really need to know

You could choke every horse in South America with the amount of supposed “thought leadership” written on B2B lead generation in the last 5-10 years, with most of it being pretty fluffy. It’s usually 35,000-foot stuff that would be hard for a sales team to then execute on. (Or a marketing team, if they’re handling the B2B lead generation side.)

But now we have some research. Why don’t we see what that tells us?

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The real difference between cold calling and cold emailing


There are a lot of different articles and arguments all over the Internet (especially some true BS on LinkedIn) about cold calling vs. cold emailing and effectiveness rates. We can make this pretty simple, actually.

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The real deal is value proposition

When you work with a sales team — either in-house or outsourced — oftentimes the people who write the checks, i.e. the decision-makers or stakeholders, want to see the deals closed. You know the whole love affair with Glengarry Glen Ross and “coffee is for closers,” or the movie Boiler Room with “ABC — Always Be Closing.” That’s what the top levels of a company often care about.

While this is important, it also totally misses the selling point.

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Should outsourcing projects be viewed negatively?

Let’s ask a real question up front: do you think that the idea of outsourcing projects (i.e. outsourcing anything) is a bad word? That it has a negative connotation?

Many people probably do — as economies grow, it’s usually a word associated with replacing middle-class-type labor with cheaper, overseas labor as a cost advantage within your company.

So is outsourcing a dirty word?
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Business expansion: A new idea to consider

Business expansion is everything.

You know the old saying about “If you’re not growing, you’re dying…” Probably truer in digital business than anything, especially right now. Look at a company like Amazon. They basically didn’t turn a profit for close to 20 years, but remained the darlings of investors and financial experts.


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Outsourcing partner: What questions do you need to ask?

If you see the benefits of outsourcing and would consider doing it in the early stages of a business expansion, here’s the next hurdle: what questions do you need to ask your potential sales outsourcing partner?

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Stop thinking your brand is so unique


A lot of men who come to run companies believe deeply in the company. Whether that’s because they can’t have kids themselves and this is what they “created” (psychology!) or whether it’s another reason, they nonetheless think very strongly about this organization. Over time, they often come to think the business model is incredibly unique and complicated, and no one outside of them and their lieutenants could possibly understand it.

Let’s be real: that’s largely BS.

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Article 50 triggered. Are your business needs shifting?

Article 50 — the measure by which nations can leave the European Union — was officially triggered recently, meaning the process of UK removal — i.e. Brexit — is underway. While it will probably take 24 months or longer to completely sort out, it seems like a rational time to wonder about business implications for companies looking to do more business in the EU nations.

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Outsourcing benefits: An obvious way to achieve them

Just came across an article called “The Double-Edged Sword Of Outsourcing Sales,” which seemed like it might be pretty interesting. Ran through it and while I wouldn’t necessarily say they talk about two issues (which is what a “double-edged sword” would imply), they hit on some key points around outsourcing benefits. Making sure that others see the value of outsourcing benefits is one of our key business plays over here, so let’s dive into this quickly.

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“LinkedIn sales influencers” are often full of crap

I was on LinkedIn the other day and saw a “LinkedIn sales influencer” — you know, one of the keynote speaker/thought leader guys — post this. It’s a quote from his friend that reads:

“Cold calling is not only alive and well. It’s more important than ever before. Wanna know why? You can’t rely on your SDRs and marketing reps to hit your number anymore. No self-respecting sales person is going to trust someone else with their commission cheques. Real sales professionals take matters into their own hands and thrive with cold calling.”

This is one of the more bullshit statements I’ve ever seen on LinkedIn, and that covers a lot of ground.

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The Buyer Journey: When you get the commitment

We just did a post on going down the funnel in a sales process, and now it’s time to wrap it up. The final stage. Cue the drum roll and kick the “LinkedIn thought leaders” out of the room. (That’ll be the next post we do, by the way.) Let’s make the sale. Remember, this blog series was all about the buyer journey and what you can do about it.

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Sales Process, Step 4: A wild ride down the funnel

Been doing this series recently on the sales process: from the introductory phase (“Who the hell are you, anyway?”) to the discovery phase (“OK, I’ll kick some tires”) to the opportunity phase, where the deal starts to get closed. We heard from a client partner who said something like “This is all very nice, but it’s too inside sales!” Disagree. Here’s the deal: we aren’t walking through every pitch and approach we use in these blogs. They are just that: blogs. But hopefully you realize that if you want to grow or scale your business in central Europe, this is the process we can undertake for you. We go through a repeatable approach — what we’re describing! — and your end game is predictable revenue (what you want!). So now let’s get real serious: we’re moving down the funnel.

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Sales Process, Step 3: The opportunity phase

First when you’re working a prospect, the key question you’re solving for is “Why should this person listen to me?” That’s the introductory phase of the sales process. Once you overcome that and the prospect is listening, now your challenge becomes “Why should he care what I’m saying?” That’s the discovery phase. You’ve moved that prospect from “OH GOD I’M SO SLAMMED CAN YOU MAYBE TRY ME LATER?” to “I’m interested…” But interested doesn’t pay for your vacation. Now we need to move from interested to taking action. Welcome, friends, to the opportunity phase.

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Sales Process, Step 2: Maximizing the sales discovery phase

Part I: Introductory/listening phase

Last time (link above), we discussed the phase of the sales game where the key question a buyer has is “Why should I listen?” This time, it’s “Why should I care?” Apply that question to yourself: Why should you care about this? A few key reasons: (1) it’s important to understand if you want to make money and have a predictable revenue stream and (2) you want to make money and have a predictable revenue stream.
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