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Want to grow your business in Central Europe?

We bring B2B customers from Central Europe to international SaaS, software and tech companies. Our clients get go-to-market and outbound sales skills in a well-rehearsed and totally scalable team. As a KPI driven service. At costs less than a single internal salesperson.

Our clients get


Outbound sales development reps identify, connect with, and qualify leads. Our super effective prospecting methods re-charges your sales funnel seamlessly and efficiently.


Inside sales reps sell to your prospects quickly and efficiently. They leverage technology like web-conferencing platforms and shorten sales cycles in more transactional selling environments.


Seasoned outside sales reps build rapport on your prospect’s CxO level. They establish the personal relationships needed to close complex sales transactions.


We adjust your value proposition to the market specifics. Ideal customer profile, buyer personas and sales messages get developed to find a repeatable and scalable sales model.


Content marketing campaigns to targeted accounts timely synchronised with sales development activities to accelerate impact in all buyer journey stages.


Buyer-centric content will be re-used to develop new relationships on social media as part of the overall outbound sales process.


We studied how the world’s fastest growing tech companies scale their business. We took their best practices, combined them, and adapted them to the specifics of the German speaking market. Today, we are the most sophisticated B2B sales machine in Central Europe.

Martin Weiss, Co-founder



Yes, We Do It Better! 

Message-Market Fit

Adjusting your value proposition (messages) to fit the Central European business culture and competition.

LeadGen Automation

Combining up-to-date company databases with state-of-the-art social media discovery tools.

Account Based Marketing

Targeted content marketing campaigns synchronized with sales development activities (pre/post).

Predictable Revenue Stream

Continuously re-charging the sales funnel with new target companies in your ICP (ideal customer profile).

Efficient Prospecting

Our prospecting methods are tailored to each target segment.

CEB Commercial Insight

Our customer-centric sales technique outperforms any relationship seller for most industries.

Sales Specialisation

Separating critical sales roles facilitates continuous, scalable and measurable results.


Your Benefits

cross-functional best-in-class sales practices, a well-rehearsed outbound sales team driven by sales metrics lead you to fastest time-to-revenue.

Quick Start

In just a couple of weeks we are up and running.

Turn-key Solution

Leverage our best-in-class sales practices and tools.

Local Efficiency

Language and proximity facilitates faster customer acquisition.

Customizable Costs

Our sales team can scale between 20 and 160 hours per month.

Immediate Results

Established local business networks that leverages immediately.

Understanding Market Specifics

We are part of the Central European business culture – we can adjust your value prop.

Well-rehearsed Sales Team

Top-notch sales talents complement in smooth sales process.

Sales Metrics and KPIs

Metrics driven sales process for measurable results.


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Software vendors (SaaS or On-premise) that want to sign up new customers from Central Europe and have an in-region target market of 300 to 3.000 companies with average LTV between €25k and €500k (customer lifetime value).


What Our Clients Say

  • We knew we had excellent technology and had good feedback on the project we delivered, but we did not know how to systematically create a pipeline of good, quality customers. BizXpand succeeded so well that now our product is sold by 70 global salesmen.

    Michael Schmidt, Partner at Ventum/Automic
  • We are used to be limited to selling our complex services through personal networking and referrals. With bizXpand and their ability to do profile based consultative sales, we gained an additional valuable sales channel for generating new customers.

    Anton Zrzavy, Managing Partner at UCS
  • We work with bizXpand to expand our BI business into Austria and Germany. They help us to find and support local solution partners as well as direct customers. Without bizXpand it would have been extremely difficult for us to get the required traction in the market.

    Frenk Skedelj, Director Business Development at Result

Selected Clients

They just don't want to be limited by sales.

ProductWorld Ltd.
Securikett GmbH
Wandera Inc.
Intens d.o.o.
Serengeti Ltd.
Inea d.o.o.
CST Consulting Srl.

About Us

Seasoned Sales Executives perfectly balanced with super effective Lead Generators lead our clients to successful business transactions in Central Europe.

In 2010 we saw a market need for scalable, high skill B2B sales that could address the needs of end customers in the Central European market.

Matt Mayfield, Co-founder


Steadily we follow the world leaders in sales consulting and disruptive sales hacking practices. They help the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley and US to achieve their ambitious goals. Just to name a few of them: Aaron Ross, Mark Roberge, Craig Rosenberg, Matthew Dixon, Steli Efti, Max Altschuler, Bryan Kreuzberger, Heather R. Morgan, …

Learning from them, their successes but also from their mistakes in combination with our own extensive B2B sales experience on the German speaking market we have build our own “secret sauce” for predictable revenue generation in Central Europe.

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Martin Weiss

Martin Weiss

Co-Founder & Principal Sales Executive View Details
Matt Mayfield

Matt Mayfield

Co-Founder & Market Expansion Principal View Details
Martin Weiss

Martin Weiss

Co-Founder & Principal Sales Executive

Martin is a natural salesman with a solid engineering background.

Before co-founding BizXpand in 2010, he worked as both as an engineering manager for international vendors and later as a sales leader for mid to large size international technology companies.

Martin is especially strong at reaching CxO level contacts of target companies in the German speaking regions and is very quick to digest new technologies.

“Enterprise sales is my passion. I love the challenger sale approach!”

Matt Mayfield

Matt Mayfield

Co-Founder & Market Expansion Principal

Matt is an expert in product and market transitions.

Like Martin, he also has a strong engineering background from his home country of USA and his adopted home for much of his adult life in Europe, but long ago transitioned to product management, marketing, and sales management.

Matt specializes in first sales, positioning, identifying value and business models. Matt loves working with start-up style discovery missions, new product initiatives, sophisticated positioning, and sales diagnostics.


We are Good At

We focus on what we do best: high skill B2B sales

Technical Background in Hi-Tech and Software
Complex Selling
Executive Level (CxO) Rapport
Value Identification & Positioning
Lead Generation
Sales Execution

Average Sales Metrics

We know our numbers. Do you know yours?


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Targets-to-Win ratio

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